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  Gay Fathers
North Bay and Area

A support group for gay and bisexual men
who are also fathers

Rainbow Flag Duo

Gay and bisexual married/separated/divorced fathers face unique challenges in life
unlike gay or bisexual single men.

Whether we are in or out of the closet,
we face discrimination every day of our lives.

If we are closeted, we may be reluctant to share our feelings from our wives,
families, friends, and others.

If we are out, we must find a way to incorporate our feelings into our marriages and families whether or not we act on them.

Some of us who are out have tremendously supportive spouses and/or partners. Others have had their relationship failed and families destroyed. Some of us have even lost our jobs.

GFNBA offers a way of dealing with the challenges we face daily by getting men together to talk about their feelings.


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